A Boy Finds a Home

Over the weekend, one of my many stories wandering the wilderness found a home!

The story, “Keeli’s Ordeal,” is about a boy in a tribal society who goes on a solitary wilderness quest. It will be appearing in Crossed Genres, an online and print magazine that publishes issues with rotating themes.

One of their themes for this issue was “Child Fiction”–stories with child protagonists but intended for adult readers. That’s exactly how I intended this story–the protagonist is young, but the issues he struggles with and the concepts he sees but doesn’t understand are designed for adult readers.

Which is a very astute distinction. I had thought about it before, but I’ve never seen anyone except Crossed Genres articulate it. Their editors not only understood the story on that level, but they also enjoyed all the meticulous little bits that I built into the character and the world, and they found particular resonance in the ending.

(I did something different in the ending that I’d never done before–nothing revolutionary or uncommon, just a different approach (no spoilers) that I’d never taken. It worked for the story and it worked for them.)

This issue should be appearing quite soon! I will post the date and links as soon as I find out.

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3 Responses to “A Boy Finds a Home”

  1. Asakiyume Says:

    Yes, I thought it was a great distinction, too! Looking forward to that entire issue, including your story.

  2. scott Says:

    Thank you very much!

    I’ve also found out that my Homeless Moon cohort Jay Ridler will have a story in that issue too, his second that they’ve published. Check it out as well.

  3. Matthew Rotundo Says:

    Awesome, Scott! Congrats!