The Future is Now?

I received a phone call today from a nice administrator lady at the Writers of the Future contest. I have been named one of eight Finalists, for the First Quarter of 2008. (The formal announcement will appear on their blog.) The eight Finalists’ stories, I’m told, will be sent to the external judges, the famous-name writers. Then the First, Second, and Third Place stories will be announced in mid-March.

I’m delighted to have made it this high in the contest. I happen to know, through various writing workshops, three of the twelve place-winners from last year: Andrea Kail, Aliette de Bodard, and Kim Zimring. The high quality of their fiction leads me to suspect that all the Finalists’ stories must be quite good, but I think mine is damn good too. So, into the breach!

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5 Responses to “The Future is Now?”

  1. Matthew Rotundo Says:

    Congrats and woo-hoo, Scott!

    I got the same call today. Best of luck to us both!

  2. Andrea Says:

    Scott, congrats!!! I couldn’t be happier! A warning: the wait to hear if you won will be torture. :) Good luck!

  3. scott Says:

    Thanks very much, to you both!

    Andrea, I hope to see you in July and to have a need to pick your brain about the trip, and Matt, I hope to see us both in LA in August!

  4. Aliette de Bodard Says:

    I saw the list of finalists, and wondered if it was the same Scott I knew. Guess that answers my question…
    Congrats, and fingers crossed! (and I second Andrea; don’t freak out about it. The wait can be *very* long).

  5. scott Says:

    Thanks very much, Aliette! I told Kim last July that I knew two of the other winners she was going to see in August.

    Thanks for the advice about the wait. I have plenty of rejections I can freak out over instead. :)