Space and Time Arrives!

My contributor’s copies of Space and Time #107 recently arrived, the issue that includes my short story “Ebb.”

They look gorgeous. As always, the typeface and printing is crisp and clean, and the paper is nice, thick white stock–much better many other print magazines. There’s a neat B&W illustration for “Ebb” by an artist named David Grilla, which is pretty cool. It doesn’t fit the setting exactly, but that’s no problem; it’s a weird setting.

I’m very happy to see this story in print. It’s probably the most extreme of my “literary traditional fantasy” stories in that the narrative veers well into literary territory, but the story also has one of my most meticulous, almost SF, scondary-world settings. It also has an ending that editors at several top-level magazines completely missed, so I’m delighted that the folks at Space and Time enjoyed it.

If you’re interested in checking it out, Space and Time now offers a PDF subscription at half-price. You won’t get the thick white stock, but you will get all the crisp print!

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