Slushing from the Beach

Or trying to, at least–the siren’s call of the breakers just over the dunes is mighty tempting. :) I’m here on the annual trip with my music buddies. We all met 10+ years ago through various bands and studio projects; now we hardly play anymore, but every fall we go to the beach to drink and sit around.

The premiere for my magazine went very well last week–a few technical glitches, but we worked around them. Reaction has been extremely positive so far, which is extremely gratifying–a nice initial validation of my vision.

I’m planning to head to Capclave for the day this Saturday, with a big sheaf of magazine flyers. There’s a panel on online magazine publishing that I could sit in the back of the room for and nod my head. :) But for now, I think I’ll succumb to that siren’s call of the waves.

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