Imagine That

As anyone in publishing or writing knows, the most popular pastime of authors and publishers lately is pontificating on the current upheaval in the publishing industry.

Not so much on what is happening now, for example the rise of ebooks and major authors self-e-publishing, but what they are certain is going to happen next, and what they think–or know–that you should do about it. “Trad-pub” is dead, agents are evil and unnecessary, self-publishing is crap, editors are right, readers are right, etc, etc. Not observations; declarations.

Finally a synthesis of observation and acknowledgment, along with some well-warranted grumbling at those strident declarations, from author, editor, and publisher Jeff Vander Meer. I have great respect for the Vander Meers–Ann bought my first genre sale, for WT, and she and Jeff were very cool to me at Capclave a few years ago and very complimentary of BCS.

And this post of Jeff’s really nails it. It’s great to hear an established figure calling out many of the “bullshit solutions” that people are lately spewing, and the fact that promulgating them on young writers is a disservice to the field. Admitting that he has no great answers (neither do I). And calling for more imagination in approaching this new landscape.Bravo.

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