General Thoughts on E-Zines

I’ve been thinking a lot the past six months about web-based genre fiction magazines. It’s one of those never-ending online or blog-post discussions, perhaps because every short fiction writer or editor seems to have an opinion about the viability of the medium or the best format to exploit it, or perhaps because writers just enjoy talking!

Regardless, I saw a blog post today by writer Simon Owens that sums up many of the questions raised in this overall never-ending discussion. Owens also adds some neat behind-the-scenes details about several well-known e-zines, taken from his interviews with their editors.

Any general thoughts on e-zines must also include my writer friend Erin Hoffman’s excellent suggestions on e-zine format. Erin has worked for a long time in the computer gaming industry, and she has a novel vision for e-zine format based on many of the techniques that make gaming sites so popular.

All fascinating food for thought….

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