From Manuscript to Real, Published Novel

Today marks the release of a novel that I read large parts of years ago in manuscript form. This will be the first time I’ll get to see a manuscript that I read transformed into an actual, real, major-house published novel.

Maggie Ronald, who was a classmate of mine at the Viable Paradise workshop in 2004, has her urban fantasy novel Spiral Hunt coming out from Eos Books today. It’s set in Boston, Maggie’s hometown, and features lots of Celtic-inspired supernatural stuff.

It also includes references to the Red Sox, a topic dear to my own heart! When I first read parts of the novel in 2004, the Red Sox’s legendary curse of not winning the World Series since their star left-handed pitcher Mr. Ruth had been sold to the New York Highlanders was used in the novel. But of course, less than two weeks after our workshop session in New England, the Sox won the World Series, so Maggie had to rewrite that part!

Urban fantasy is not usually a favorite of mine, but I love the city of Boston and I really enjoyed Maggie’s character-centered approach. So if you like urban fantasy or Boston, definitely give Spiral Hunt a look.

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