For WFA, Jeanne Cavelos

World Fantasy Award nominating ballots are due by May 31.

For the WFA for Special Award Non-Professional, I’m nominating Jeanne Cavelos.

For 20 years, Jeanne has run and been the primary lecturer at the Odyssey writing workshop; six weeks every summer, plus a seventh week of alumni workshop, plus a podcast and a crit service, and in recent years also online classes in the fall, winter, and spring. That would be like one award-winning author/editor running Clarion, and teaching four of the six weeks there, and running Viable Paradise, plus the podcasts and online classes. For 20 years.

Odyssey doesn’t get as much notice as the other famous six-week workshops, but it’s as good if not better (more consistency in the lectures), its graduates have gone on to as great a heights, and it’s staggering to think the amount of work Jeanne has put in, for 20 years. A contribution to the field that’s well worthy of such an award.

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