Fine Praise, Indeed

A very complimentary overall review of my online fantasy magazine Beneath Ceaseless Skies in a blog post by fantasy novelist Marie Brennan.

Of course, Ms. Brennan also has an interest in BCS because we’ve published several of her stories (the second of which is due out in Issue #14 in a few days). But I think it’s even higher praise to hear that the magazine is impressing people as readers.

I started BCS because no fantasy magazine was consistently publishing the type of fantasy stories that I love to read–set in a secondary world (invented or historical) and focused on strong and interesting characters.

It sounds like that type of fantasy is also what Ms. Brennan likes to read. So I’m delighted not only that she’s enjoyed specific stories in BCS, but even moreso that she’s enjoying the overall flavor of fantasy that BCS specializes in.

If you do too–if you like fantasy with strong, driven characters that’s set in awe-inspiring worlds–definitely check us out.

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