Armor, Icewine, and the Afterlife

“The Halberdier, by Moonlight,” my “slipstream plus armor” story, is now out in the Fall 2011 issue of On Spec.  With my name on the cover!  Pretty cool.  And a gorgeous cover it is:

On Spec, Fall 2011

The story comments on death and the afterlife, and features icewine: a unique wine made using grapes that are still frozen.  This removes a lot of the water, because it’s ice crystals, which leaves all the other stuff–sugars, alcohol, flavor compounds–much more concentrated. That results in a wine that is thick and syrupy and sweet.

On Spec, a long-standing literary SF/F journal out of Canada, was great to work with.  And I enjoy the irony that a ‘zine from Canada, one of the biggest producers of icewine, gave the story a home. :)

(Yes, for anyone who’s wondering, I did buy a bottle of icewine as  “research” for the story. :) )

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4 Responses to “Armor, Icewine, and the Afterlife”

  1. Matthew Rotundo Says:

    Cool! Congrats, Scott!

  2. scott Says:

    Thanks very much, Matt!!

  3. Rebecca Stefoff Says:

    Just one bottle? (Z and I have enjoyed some Canadian icewine in our time.) Srsly, many congratulations!

  4. scott Says:

    Thank you!

    Alas, yes, just one bottle! (I had too much beer that needed drinking. :) )

    My favorite sweet beverage lately is mead, homebrewed by my buddy Mike DeLuca, from varietal honeys. It’s similarly viscous and sweet as the icewine, but has a more honey and less grape flavor. Mmm….