A Thirsty Friday Duel

For Friday, and in honor of my buddy Justin Howe sharing this thirsty link, I present to you “Serrated-Sword Man vs. the Mug Monster”:

Serrated-Sword Man vs. the Mug Monster

As you can see, Serrated-Sword Man, backed by an old BCS flyer, standing on the infirm footing of a page of short story notes, is battling his much larger foe, and the Mug Monster appears to have lost over half its vital fluids.

You don’t see that type of English pub mug often here in the States. The RAF blokes in that old advert have them. My folks got a bunch of them when we lived over there. My favorite American pub, the anglophile (and sadly departed) Wharf Rat, used them. I’ve had several sets going back fifteen years, and I use mine every day!

So I hope this one emerges unscathed from its mortal struggle.

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