Guest Croak on The Drabblecast

June 11th, 2014

Here’s my dulcet croak guest-narrating a very cool arc-of-a-society sort of story in the new episode of the very cool The Drabblecast: Strange Stories for Strange Listeners podcast. Thanks to editor Norm Sherman for inviting me!

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No Grim Without Company

May 14th, 2014

For the World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement award, I’m nominating Glen Cook.

The Black Company, back in 1984, started the whole ‘dark’ or ‘gritty’ epic fantasy thing, thirty years ago, and put the epic fantasy mercenary company on the map. It also featured moral ambiguity, another hallmark of recent epic fantasy, in stark contrast to the majority of other epic fantasy in the 80s, which was still starkly good vs. eeevil.

Add in those cool Garrett the medieval private eye novels, and the fact that The Black Company became a long series of stand-alone mid-sized novels, and that is a great lifetime achievement in fantasy.

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State of Short Fiction Roundtable at BSFS this Saturday

March 20th, 2014

On Saturday night, I will be participating in a roundtable on the State of Short Fiction, at the Baltimore Science Fiction Society.

The other panelists include author Erica Satifka, editor and publisher Jonathan Landen (Daily Science Fiction), moderator and author Sarah Pinsker, editor and publisher Neil Clarke (Clarkesworld), editor and podcaster Norm Sherman (Drabblecast), and editor and publisher Bill Campbell (Mothership).

Come to the BSFS clubhouse in east Baltimore and hear about issues in the short fiction field, ideas about readership and authorship and diversity, what editors (don’t) want, and much more!

UPDATE:  the BSFS panel was videotaped, and the video is on youtube:

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At Boskone This Weekend

February 11th, 2014

I’m at at Boskone, one of the long-running Boston-area F/SF conventions, this weekend. (Weather permitting!).

I’m on three panels, one dealing with a subject that I love–stories told through documents–and two others dealing with online magazines or podcasting:

  • Great Podcasts and Where to Find Them (Sat 3pm): Panelists discuss some of their favorite podcasts, sites, and stories. (One of my favs being BCS 100: Boat in Shadows, Crossing” by Tori Truslow.)
  • From Pixels to Print: The Challenges of Running a Magazine (Sat 4PM): Funding, staffing, and managing your organization, and then printing (or enpixeling), distributing, and publicizing your precious products.

I also have a reading Friday at 9:00 pm, where I will probably read some of my Clark Ashton Smith pastiche.

Other than that, I’ll be wandering the halls with plenty of BCS flyers and postcards, in the bar, or trawling the party floor.  Feel free to say hello!

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